PRO CONSULTING 12 Association benefits from the services of specialists experienced in almost all activity domains, hence being able to offer you a large variety of services:

  • Consulting in the following domains: financial, public acquisitions, human resources, juridical, audit, economic, social, cultural, religious, artistic, agricultural, mediations, work health and security, tourism, environmental protection, management systems, insurances, banking etc.;
  • elaborating attribution documentation for organizing public acquisitions;
  • making task books for products, services and works;
  • elaborating offers for participation at public acquisitions;
  • evaluating movable and immovable property;
  • Elaborating documentation regarding management systems certification (quality, environment, work health and security etc.);
  • expertise effectuation;
  • projects elaboration;
  • organising congresses, events, seminars, conferences;
  • passenger transportation;
  • brokerage of freight;
  • medical waste collection;

 For initiating collaboration with PRO CONSULTING 12 Association please contact as at the following phone number: +(40)723354517 or at the email address: