9 January 2017
Cursuri de calificare gratuite – Proiect Proactivitate pe piața muncii, cu accent pe zone foste industrializate din regiunile Sud-Vest, Centru și Nord-Vest cod proiect: POSDRU/182/2.3/S/152578
16 January 2017

Project contest: “Ideas in Andrei’s Country”, organizer: OMV PETROM.

The project won the first place (third place, out of four, but the first place in the country!).

Total expenses: 89.900,00 RON.

Sponsorship attributed by OMV PETROM S.A.: 67.400,00 RON.

Own contribution of PRO Consulting 12 Association: 22.500,00 RON.

Project location: Targu-Jiu – the municipality of Gorj County.

The project consists in setting up stations for bicycles renting, thus adding Targu-Jiu on the list of great cities from Romania and most cities from Europe.

The project is the result of an identified need in Targu-Jiu, namely the need to establish stations for bicycles renting, supporting tourists visiting the art works of Constantin Brancusi and have issues with the lack of parking spots on the so-called “Brancusi Axis”, where the art works are located. By transposing this need to this project’s level, we consider that there will be a change for the better at the level of the whole local community, particularly regarding the reduction of pollution levels.